The Seahawks lost 17-9. They weren’t the only team that struggled because of line play.
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The Texans don’t want to pay their starting left tackle, Duane Brown, and he’s holding out. But the line’s performance in Houston’s 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars revealed just how much they need him. The Texans gave up 10 sacks and 11 quarterback hits against Jacksonville, and as a result the offense was abysmal.

Watson, just as he’s done in the past, was able to answer that big hit with his first career rushing touchdown.
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Dalton wasn’t happy with the game, and it showed, resulting in our first meme from Thursday Night Football:

It’s been said before all sports is played on a four-inch field between your ears. … It’s really important that we continue to help Andrew emotionally, mentally, get his confidence and his endorsement, deep down his rubber stamp (in) his heart of hearts because in the end that carries the biggest weight.

Maybe it was just Irsay rambling, trying to say nothing much and butchering some simple platitudes in the process. Or maybe Luck’s just being cautious here since the decision to play through the injury before has clearly aggravated the situation.

The Colts have been bad for Luck’s career. It took the team five years to fire general manager Ryan Grigson, who failed to build a team around his franchise quarterback. Just how bad the Colts are without Luck was apparent in last Sunday’s 46-9 loss to the Rams. Chris Ballard, the new GM, has to rebuild the team from the ground up.

You can also question the decision to hang onto Chuck Pagano as head coach. He hasn’t had much to work with, but his team looks consistently outmatched from week to week. Luck or not, they didn’t look at all ready to play in Week 1.