which is why spending a year away from the sideline will be an adjustment.

One priority for Turner this fall will be watching the University of Michigan now that his son Scott was hired as an offensive analyst. Turner has already come away impressed with head coach Jim Harbaugh’s program after attending two practices and Michigan’s spring game in April.

People give Harbaugh a hard time (because) he’s out there a little bit with the Twitter and some other things, but I was really impressed with their staff and the way they coach and practice, Turner said. Jim is an old-school guy when it comes to football.

Derrick Johnson Mens Jersey So is Turner, which is why spending a year away from the sideline will be an adjustment.

I’m looking forward to football season as a fan or spectator, he said. But there will always be that coaching part of it in me.

It was a Saturday afternoon. My dad and I left Charlotte, N.C., at 5:30 a.m. with a church group for a Father’s Day weekend outing to watch the Braves host the Reds in Atlanta. To that point, I’d been a casual baseball fan. I enjoyed playing the game, but I didn’t really watch it. My knowledge of players came mostly from collecting baseball cards, which I started doing in 1986 because my mom wouldn’t let me buy Garbage Pail Kids. I was excited to see some of those cardboard images in the flesh: Dale Murphy, Dion James, Pete Rose, Kal Daniels.

Claude Giroux Mens Jersey There were some recent whispers that the Clippers would move Jordan in an effort to upgrade the roster with smaller pieces, but such a move would probably kick them off this list. This was one of the best big threes in the league with Paul around, but it’s possible that it will be a big zero if Griffin’s health betrays him again and Jordan is moved.

Astros are winning at new, old numbers games

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The Astros are running away with the AL West, so expect to hear a lot more about that magazine cover story that predicted big success for the franchise in 2017.

Now that the prediction (or at least the cover) has a real shot at being right, the question is whether this year’s success has flowed directly from the ideas that were laid out in the story.

It would be silly to believe the 76ers can’t win 10-12 more games with those players on the court, and in Fultz’s introductory news conference Friday afternoon he was the first one to say (via ESPN.com) that he fully believes the Sixers can make it to the postseason: I am serious when I say that. That is not just me talking because I am a player. I really think that we can be a [playoff team].

And when you add facts like Jimmy Butler moving on to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Indiana Pacers possibly trading Paul George, the East is losing top players rather than gaining them.

That’s why Fultz’s teammate Joel Embiid is fully on board with Fultz’s opinion, as outlandish as it may be for a team that has won 75 games in its last four full seasons combined.

Joel will come out and [say] something similar, Sixers head coach Brett Brown said. How can you not respect it? … You want them feeling like that.
Johnny Damon Jersey
And you circle back, if it’s delivered, you got to own it, you got to practice like that, you got to act like that, you got to be that. It is not just words. So I think it is perhaps ammunition at times to remind them of statements and to help them achieve their in-game goal.

NBA teams wonder about what can be perceived as a laissez-faire attitude on the floor.

Game Womens Mark Grace Jersey Defense. While Fultz does occasionally display solid instincts for creating turnovers — his chase-down blocks have become the stuff of legends and his instincts to jump passing lanes are solid — his overall package on that end leaves a lot to be desired due to effort levels. Be it due to the malaise of the entire Washington team or simply his own issues, Fultz was poor at the point of attack and often got lost off the ball. Washington was among the worst high-major defenses in college hoops last season, and he played a role in that.

NBA teams also wonder about what can be perceived as a laissez-faire attitude on the floor. In college, he was hot and cold in terms of the takeover, killer instinct that teams want from superstar players. It’s a small thing because it’s far from a certainty that he doesn’t have that instinct, and it’s incredibly difficult to measure, but it’s something people at the very least have in the back of their minds.

None of this stuff will be his calling card, though, as it’s questionable how much of his creation ability will translate. And beyond that, he’s not a perfect prospect. He does struggle sometimes with quick guards. His lack of standing reach and wingspan will make him easier to finish over than other players of his ilk. He’ll struggle to finish around the rim against bigger players, like the ones he’ll see in the NBA.

Game Womens Jeremy Lane Jersey But if we knew that he had those skills for sure at the next level, he’d be uniformly considered a top-20 player in the draft. Even without them, Ojeleye has all the makings of a solid 3-and-D role player. He has the mentality to step in and do what his coaches ask of him, the skill to hit shots from deep and attack closeouts and the versatility to defend screen-and-rolls as well as switch onto different players. As the NBA downsizes, teams continue to look for players who can play both big and small — Ojeleye has shown he does exactly that.

The Warriors are a basketball Death Star

Orlando has some talent in the lineup — Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, Terrence Ross — but the Magic have lacked a point guard who can pull it all together, and Ball would change that.

League executive: I can’t see Ball falling past them. He’s what they need on the offensive end, where they have just been really bad. They need someone who can organize what they have, and that is one of the things Ball does really well, gets everyone where they’re supposed to be and gets good shots for everyone. I would think they’d be ecstatic if he is here.

Unless Durant or Curry get hurt and miss the playoffs, there’s no hope of a title for any other NBA team until one of the Warriors’ stars departs in free agency — a big if. Why would such a player leave a team that wins championships, plays in the beautiful Bay Area and will soon be moving into a new arena?

Game Kids Jordan Willis Jersey NBA commissioner Adam Silver sees strong TV ratings for the finals and believes viewers prefer star power and dynasties over competitive balance and unpredictable playoff results. So Silver says the NBA’s biggest problem is one-and-done college players.

Durant could finish a series sweep with 55/50/90 shooting splits. Curry may average a triple-double and not miss a single free throw. Golden State is averaging 31.4 assists per game in the finals, a mark that would top its regular-season average of 30.4, best in the NBA. Add in elite defense, and it’s no surprise we’ve arrived at 3-0.

The Warriors are a basketball Death Star, but they covered the hole that can destroy the ship. They have left zero doubt. A championship feels inevitable now.

Game Kids Mike Smith Jersey But the NBA Finals have been a different story. The Cavs have shot only 29.8 percent from 3-point range while the Warriors have hit 42.2 percent of their attempts from deep. Irving, Love and Kyle Korver are all well under their career averages.

Pacers consider Lance Stephenson at point guard amid Paul George saga

Paul George’s reported message to the Pacers – that he will enter free agency in 2018 with his sights set on the Lakers after his current contract is up – is sending ripple effects across the NBA.

As the Pacers listen to potential trades for George, Indiana has to prepare to rebuild without the four-time All-Star. One of the more entertaining subplots of the Paul George saga is a possible Pacers rebuild that features Lance Stephenson at point guard, according to the Indianapolis Star’s Gregg Doyel.

James, who purchased the home in 2015 but doesn’t live there regularly, was not at the house when the incident occurred. He later addressed the vandalism with a stern response to the racial slur and race issues in the United States.

“If this is to shed the light and continue to keep the conversation [about race relations] going on my behalf, then I’m okay with it,” James said. “My family is safe. At the end of the day, they’re safe and that’s the most important.”

“But it just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. Hate in America, especially for African-Americans is living every day. … No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough. And we got a long way to go for us as a society and for us as African-Americans until we feel equal in America.”

James’ Cavaliers will face the Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night in Oakland.

Watch: Lonzo Ball passes basketball through windows of moving Cadillac

ESPN’s Sports Science visited the Ball family recently and asked Lonzo, the oldest Ball son and a top NBA Draft prospect, to try to pass a basketball through the windows of a moving vehicle.

Kids Curt Schilling Jersey The 7-2 big man, who was projected has high as the No. 20 overall pick, was told of a serious heart issue accompanying the syndrome after undergoing a series of tests at the Cleveland Clinic.

Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissues. It’s the same disease that Baylor’s Isaiah Austin was diagnosed with before the 2014 draft. Austin was cleared to resume basketball activities in November 2016 and signed a contract with KK Crvena zvezda, a European basketball club based in Belgrade, shortly after.

Jeanne, who worked out with the Raptors on Wednesday, hopes to follow in Austin’s footsteps and resume his basketball career with medical supervision, his agent told The Vertical. It’s a sad revelation for a player who was called arguably the biggest winner of any Combine participant nearly a month prior.

Kids Darren Daulton Jersey We wouldn’t expect any other from James. He won’t say to the public that he’s getting worn down, but the stats are there to say otherwise. When you compare his first half stats to the second half, you see a clear picture of a player who wasn’t attacking the rim the same way.

In stats compiled by ESPN, James had no drives in the second half of Game 2 compared to five in the first half. He also took part in less transition plays (8 in first, 3 in second), had less points in the paint (16 in first, 4 in second) and dramatically saw his average shot from the basket increase (3.3 feet in first, 16.8 feet in second).

Concerns remain that NFL minority coach interviews are more talk than action

It shouldn’t be troubling to hear that Anthony Lynn, Vance Joseph, Teryl Austin and Harold Goodwin are scheduled for head-coaching interviews.

But it is, because seeing is believing. And everybody who pays attention to the NFLs hiring practices knows that interviewing is not hiring. Too often, interviewing is checking off a box, then chasing after just about anybody except them then repeating the cycle the next offseason.

Those who keep NFL teams feet to the fire about the spirit of the Rooney Rule are torn this time of year. Interviews have merit of their own, because they lead to future interviews, and they get minority coaching candidates into the pipeline.

The steps are simple, but because Madden NFL 17 begins in 2016 the first season will have to be played through or simulated in order to reach the 2017 season, where the relocation would take place. Keep in mind that there are steps in between, such as free agency and the draft, that will alter the makeup of the team.

The first thing to do is to start a new Franchise and select the Chargers. Before continuing, make sure to Change Role and choose Owner rather than the default, which is Coach. It doesn’t matter whether you create an owner or stick with Alex Spanos. Adjust any other desired settings and then begin the season.

In Week 5 the option to declare intention to relocate appears. This is when the destination city of Los Angeles would be chosen.

In Week 6 the name of the team is selected. The Chargers name and branding can be carried over instead of going with one of the three created options.

In Week 8 the new stadium is chosen. Reportedly, the team will play in the StubHub Center (home to MLS’ LA Galaxy) until the Inglewood stadium that just broke ground is completed for the 2019-20 season.falcons_032

Packers vs. Cowboys: Picks, predictions, odds for divisional playoff game in Dallas

Authentic Corey Liuget Jersey
Authentic Mike Morgan Jersey When Dallas beat Green Bay 30-16 in Lambeau Field back in Week 6, the teams were headed in different directions.

It marked the Cowboysfifth consecutive win in the middle of an 11-game unbeaten streak, setting up their NFC-best 13-3 record. The Packers dropped four of their next five after that game before rallying to take the North with six straight victories.

Make it seven in a row after the Packers took out the Cowboysbiggest nemesis, the East runner-up Giants, on wild-card weekend.

Floyd, who faces a 45-day jail sentence in Arizona for driving with what police said was a blood-alcohol content of.217, says he hasnt been to Boston since he arrived in Foxborough almost a month ago.

I dont want to,Floyd said. Im not into going sightseeing. I dont really care. Im here for one reason.

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill said Floyd was unapologetic over the DUI arrest. The receiver had a chance to apologize in the interview with the Globe, but didn’t offer one.

He also didn’t comment on whether he’s consumed alcohol since joining the Patriots. In fact, Floyd ended the interview with the Globe when asked about it.

Floyd caught two touchdown passes for the Patriots in Week 17.

With another extra week to learn the Patriots playbook, Floyd could be a catalyst for Tom Brady and the Patriots, who were lacking a big red zone threat out wide.

The first four draft picks in Quinns inaugural draft left tackle Taylor Decker, defensive tackle AShawn Robinson, center Graham Glasgow and safety Miles Killebrew have made an immediate impact.

And the most important decision of all: Even though he could have brought in someone else both last year and for the 2017 season, Quinn is sticking with Caldwell as head coach while continuing to try to mold the Lions into a bona fide Super Bowl contender.

Senior Bowl 2017: Rosters, weigh-in results for North and South

The 2017 Senior Bowl kicks off in Mobile, Ala., this week, and the first looks at this year’s prospect come during weigh-ins.

While it’s an absurd start to the evaluation process players walk across the stage and on the scale in their underwear it tends to be one of the most important parts.

NFL teams value size thresholds at each position, such as quarterback hand size and offensive tackle wingspan. This is the first step to start helping teams decide which players they’d like to draft.

That’s not what we’re going to be. We’re going to strive to create a culture where everyone’s working together. I think that’s one of my strengths. It’s something that I’ve done throughout my career is I’ve had an ability to bring people together. I’ve been out front oftentimes. I’ve been named captain. On a broadcast crew, you’re out front and I think that’s a strength of mine and whoever this head coach is going to be, that will be something that we all understand, that we’re likeminded in our pursuit of winning a championship. Also, making a real positive impact in the community in which we play. Making our fans proud is something that we’re going to be all about.
Elite Kids Maury Wills Jersey
This team has been lacking a cultural identity they can identify with. What type of culture identity do you plan on implementing here in San Francisco

Elite Kids Brian McCann Jersey I think one thing I learned in my time in Denver, [Broncos owner] Pat Bowlen I think did terrifically as an owner and I think it’s one thing that really drew me to the San Francisco 49ers, I was around here when they were winning championships. In those places, I think a lot of people, I think everyone wants to win championships but in a lot of places, there’s lip service being paid to the commitment to doing that. I think when you’re in a place, like when I was in Denver, the San Francisco 49ers that won all those championships, the Pittsburgh Steelers, everything they do is to give you the best chance to do just that.

Rays’ Kevin Kiermaier out at least two months with hip fracture, report says

Marcell Dareus Game Jersey Rays center fielder? Kevin Kiermaier? will be sidelined? at least? two months with a hairline fracture? in his right? hip, the Tampa Bay Times reported Friday.

He’s going to be out a while,manager Kevin Cash said.
Ryan Carrethers Game Jersey
The Times pinpointed a six- to? eight-week recovery and return to baseball shape, putting Kiermaier out until early August.a€?

Kiermaier a€ batting .258/.329/.408 with seven homers and 20 RBIs, typically in the No. 2 spot in the order? a€ suffered the injury Thursday night while? sliding into first base to avoid a collision with the White Sox’s? Jose Abreu.

According to the Times, he was on crutches after the game and was scheduled to undergo a series of tests Friday morning, the Times reported, adding that? Mallex Smith is expected to be recalled from Triple-A to place of Kiermaier.

Look, Blue Jays fans, this one was always a longshot. Bryant was a star in high school, and it was well known he would need a ton of money to bypass his college commitment to San Diego and turn pro. That’s why he wasn’t picked until the 18th round, even though he had opening-rounds talent. Still, as Bryant noted in this 2015 story by Shi Davidi , the Jays didn’t make much of an effort: There was definitely a chance, but I didn’t get offered anything, so obviously my only option was to go to school, Bryant said. If there’s any solace, the Jays still landed Aaron Sanchez and Noah Syndergaard in that draft, among others, so overall it was a good effort.