The Patriots will have to find a way to win without him in 2017.

I mean, the more I watched his film, the more I realized Rodgers isn’t just some fill-in type. That dude is nice running the rock. He has real good patience on zone plays and knows how to follow his blockers.

Limited Mens DeForest Buckner Jersey Rodgers definitely has quite a bit of wiggle to him and can shake a defender out of his socks in the open field. His jump cuts are also nasty and saved him many times from being tackled for a loss immediately after taking the hand off. I am pretty sure he would dust Martin in a foot race so he has plenty of speed.

But let me tell you, the most impressive thing to me about Rodgers’ film was that this guy, who is all of 5’6 and 205 pounds, liked to be the hammer rather than the nail when it comes to contact. As good as he was at making people miss, Rodgers also had no compunction about trying to run cats over on occasion, too.

Julian Edelman’s torn ACL takes away what has been a major component in Tom Brady’s offensive attack. Since 2001, the Patriots have relied heavily on a rangy slot receiver to act as the star quarterback’s safety blanket. When he’s needed clutch play, there’s always been a shifty, undersized, sure-handed wideout there to move the chains.

The tradition started with Troy Brown, blew up with Wes Welker, and has been in Edelman’s capable hands since 2013, when Welker signed with the Broncos. In those four years as a starter, he’s averaged 89 receptions, 957 yards, and five touchdowns despite appearing in fewer than 14 games per season (on average). He’s led his team in either catches or receiving yards every year but 2015, when he missed seven games due to injury.
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The Patriots will have to find a way to win without him in 2017. A torn ACL will force him to miss the entire upcoming season, taking one of Brady’s favorite targets off the table in his age-40 season. A quick look at the numbers shows New England has certainly benefited from the former seventh-round pick’s presence in the lineup.

Top daily fantasy football values for Week 1

This is always one of the most exciting times on the sports calendar, and this season is no different, with plenty of intrigue around the league and several entertaining matchups set for the opening week.

Marcus Mariota ($6,800 DraftKings, $7,800 FanDuel), Tennessee Titans vs. Oakland Raiders: One of my favorite quarterbacks to play the past two seasons has finally seen a jump in price commensurate with his talent level.

The Flywire collar has been particularly problematic for the Cowboys. At one point in 2014 and ’15, the bands within the collar turned blue, which the team attributed to laundry problems (additional photos and info here). Although the Cowboys eventually got that problem under control, it’s just as well that they’ve broken out the Flyswatter this season:

Week 1 is always one of the most difficult weeks. Last season, over 26 percent of Eliminator Challenge participants were knocked out in Week 1. Even though every team is available, it’s still too early to know exactly which teams are improved and which have regressed. And the schedule does us no favors.

Edwards ended up on a couch in Huntsville, Texas, living with two new teammates and trying to understand what “fixin’ to” meant. Long-snapper Ken Jones and linebacker Jesse Beauchamp showed him the ropes and introduced him to another outback. He discovered the American South, lived what he thought was going to be the “American Pie college experience,” tried barbecue, Aussie meets saucy.

Ichiro would add four more hits to his tally, ending the season with 262.

The major league home run record went from one New York Yankee to another as Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season mark, which had been standing for 34 years. As with anything related to Ruth, Maris’ record was controversial at the time as it was accomplished during a longer season. In Ruth’s era, teams only played 154 games instead of the 162 that is now standard. Either way, Maris’ mark stood for 37 years until both Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke it in 1998.

One of the most prolific hitters in baseball history set one of his many records on this day in 2004, as Ichiro Suzuki broke the mark for most hits in a season. The previous record (257) had stood for the better part of a century before the Japanese star rewrote history 13 years ago. Ichiro would add four more hits to his tally, ending the season with 262.

Authentic Mens Tom Jackson Jersey They did a lot of it without a game being played in months 鈥?thus, without any pre-game rituals to consider disrupting. And with the preseason in full swing, they’re working it into their busy football schedules.
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They’re steadily encouraging others to seize the moment and join them. They’ve brought about 40 players to their cause (up from about 25 at the start of the offseason), and they anticipate that number growing.

However, Admiral Harry Harris took a jab at Kaepernick on Pearl Harbor’s 75th anniversary on Wednesday, saying, You can bet that the men and women we honor today 鈥?and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago 鈥?never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played.

Like Winston, Trubisky was a top-three draft pick.

Some make the argument that Kaepernick, who led the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII more than four years ago, is not in the best football shape anymore. But one who looks at the current state of quarterbacks in the NFL, including backups, can only side-eye why the 29-year-old is still a free agent.

As a Packers fan, I watched him beat the Packers in the playoffs, Standish said. So I know he’s good.

Like Winston, Trubisky was a top-three draft pick. Like Winston, Trubisky seems to have caught on quickly to the nuances of the NFL. And like Winston, Trubisky has outplayed Glennon for the most part. The Bears coaching staff may not be ready to hand Trubisky the keys to the car just yet, but they are giving him every opportunity to prove his worth.

So far Trubisky hasn’t disappointed, especially in the eyes of Bears fans. In the first two exhibition games combined, the rookie completed 24 of 33 passes for 226 yards, two touchdowns with no interceptions and a passer rating of 135.4.
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Britt said he meant no disrespect for the American flag, but he felt he needed to support his teammate, and show his own concern for social injustice.

Authentic Kids Chad Kelly Jersey I want to support him, Britt told reporters after the game. I want to support what he stands for and his beliefs. I’m not foolish. I’m from Missouri. I get that things are different in that area than they are in some other areas. I’m not against what the flag means and veterans. My dad was in the Army. So I’m not putting any disrespect to them. I’m just trying to understand the issues, trying to educate myself more in that regard and showing support.

And I’m going to continue to understand what’s going on in the world and why it’s happening. Because none of it’s right. None of it’s what should be happening. I’m going to continue talking with Mike and exploring and just helping myself understand things. I wanted to take a first step tonight. And that’s what I felt like I did.

This is a particular risk for Clemson.

Swinney is not noted as an expert on one side of the ball like Saban (defense) or Meyer (offense). His program took off when he hired Chad Morris to run his offense and hit another gear when he hired Brent Venables to run the defense. He’s handled turnover so far.

Elite Youth Dwayne Allen Jersey Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State are limited to 85 scholarship players. As good as recruiting services have gotten, there is still unpredictability as to how 18-year-olds will perform.

It’s entirely possible that Michigan will have better luck with its six 2017 top-100 signees than Ohio State will have with 11, or that LSU will have more luck with its seven top-100 recruits than Bama will with 15. Clemson is in a division with Florida State, a perennial recruiting power that just pulled in a class with 12 top-300 recruits.

Parking at the United Center usually means using one of the official parking lots that charge a fee. There’s also some limited street parking available, although most of it requires a permit or otherwise is not free.

That’s a challenge for locals trying to attend already-expensive games at the United Center given the lack of public transportation that goes directly to the arena. Currently, the closest L station to the United Center is at Ashland, nearly a mile from the building.

Jeff Heuerman Game Jersey So a lot of people attending Blackhawks and Bulls games drive themselves, and that means parking is a regular headache.

City employees, according to Ferguson’s quarterly report, would use plastic cones and other barriers to redirect the public to other streets, breaking a city rule that prohibits supervisors from directing other city employees to perform services for unauthorized purposes or accepting the benefits of such performance and giving preferential treatment in the course of employment to any person.

Looks like their friends will have to get in line and pay $25 like the rest of us.

Chiefs’ Spencer Ware likely out for season with torn PCL

Spencer Ware’s season is over before it even started.

The Chiefs running back is expected to miss the entire regular season after being diagnosed with a torn PCL in addition to damage to the LCL in his right knee, team trainer Rick Burkholder revealed Sunday.

But that’s exactly what ESPN tried to get Thomas to do in an upcoming E:60 episode. In a teaser, the network aired a clip where they asked Thomas to name all 18 starting quarterbacks he’s protected since joining the franchise in 2007.

There are even more quarterbacks he’s blocked for that didn’t start, but let’s not make this too difficult.

The good thing is even Thomas is able to laugh about the ridiculousness of the situation he’s been in for so long. In his 10 years with the team, the Browns have gone 48-112 with their 18 starting quarterbacks.

Even better, the list isn’t done growing. Brock Osweiler and DeShone Kizer both have strong chances to start at some point this season.

Despite Allen missing 19 games in the two years prior to free agency, the Texans signed him to a lucrative contract worth $7 million a year. Allen was never really a full-time starter prior to this contract, and it should have been no surprise when he missed two games and failed to live up to his salary last season.

The Titans’ contract with Ryan looks to be a classic example of a team overpaying a good — but not great — player. Most were surprised when Ryan was able to blow past the second-tier cornerback market with this $10 million-per-year contract. The normally low-spending Titans must have extremely high expectations for him to have made this investment.seahawks_096

New Clippers point guard Milos Teodosic is one of basketball’s flashiest passers

Milos Teodosic has agreed to a two-year deal with the Clippers, per Adrian Wojnarowski. Here’s what L.A. is getting with him:

The Clippers signed Milos Teodosic for two years. If your attention to basketball begins and ends in the NBA, you may be wondering who that is. Here’s who that is!

Collison comes to Indiana as a replacement for starting point guard Jeff Teague, who signed a three-year, $57 million deal to join the Minnesota Timberwolves. He joins a team shifting towards a youth movement after moving on from Paul George this summer.
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Indiana traded George to the Thunder for Victor Oladipo and second year stretch-4 Domantas Sabonis. The trade was done to bring two young talents to Indiana as the team begins to build around dynamic center Myles Turner.

Authentic Kids Darius Slay Jersey If you don’t remember, the banana boat tradition started back in 2015, when Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and LeBron James spent their day riding around the high seas on, yes, a banana boat.

But this summer? Nothing but sadness. LeBron is busy being angry and working out, Chris Paul is adjusting to his new life as James Harden’s partner-in-crime and Melo is, like, just chilling in New York. And that leaves the Wade family relaxing by themselves, empty banana boat in tow.

But hey, there’s always next summer! Maybe 2018 is the year the Banana Boat Crew can finally get back together, riding their banana boat into the sunset.

That was the same logic that convinced Ainge to trade the No. 1 pick for future assets, that stopped a chance to acquire DeMarcus Cousins, that made Jimmy Butler seem like a problematic option. The possibilities for the future looked far nicer to Ainge than the reality of the present.

Trading Anderson isn’t the only way to acquire Anthony

Houston will need to find assets from somewhere else to sweeten an Anderson deal and make his contract digestible for the receiving team. The best it can offer is a 2020 first-round pick, and that won’t likely be enough.

Limited Womens Pernell McPhee Jersey Trading Anderson isn’t the only way to acquire Anthony, but the alternative would likely mean losing Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza, who the Rockets need to compete next season. (Houston has a collection of non-guaranteed contracts to include in a trade as well, but they add up to less than $10 million.)

Thus, Houston is backed into a tight corner here, relying on other teams to come through with the draft picks and young assets necessary to convince everyone involved.

The Phoenix Suns appear to be a team that would make sense. Since pulling out of a Paul Millsap offer, it’s obvious they’re in rebuild mode, and Woj has reported their interest in a salary dump for picks.

Youth Xavier Grimble Jersey The claim that Leonard is simply a good player is far beyond an antiquated take. He’s a Finals MVP, two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, two-time All-Star, and was one of the lead vote-getters for MVP award last season. That’s way better than good — that’s great.

Hardaway knows that. But he wasn’t talking about basketball when he made that statement. He was talking about something else, and he does have a point.

Leonard is one of the best four or five players in the league in any given year and will be a fixture the league’s MVP conversation for the foreseeable future. But in the world of public opinion, he’s still not marketed as one of the NBA’s faces. That’s by design, but it’s also what Hardaway was getting at.

Mavericks embrace a youth movement. That’s a sentence we didn’t expect to type

This is the eighth of Limited Upside’s 30 team previews leading up to next season. We’re bringing together representatives from all 30 SB Nation team sites and other team-specific experts from the SB Nation/Limited Upside community to gauge the temperature of the fan base heading into the season. Check ’em all out here.
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The Mavericks have quietly embraced an on-the-fly youth movement and are in a position where expectations are relatively low. That’s a new world for Mavs fans, and they’re embracing it.

In the state of California, it now costs upward of $75,000 per year to house one prisoner. Taking into account that many taxpayers do not earn that much per year, but are stuck with the bill to keep a roof over prisoners’ heads, food in the their bellies, gym equipment in their workout areas and televisions in their recreation rooms, it doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Put another way, according to the Los Angeles Times, it costs $2,000 more per year to house a prisoner in California than it does to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, and other expenses at Harvard University for one year! Additionally, the most recent state budget allotted the corrections department $11.4 billion, even though the number of inmates has fallen due to early-release programs to ease prison overcrowding. This exorbitant budget begs the question: where is the money going?

Ricky Wagner Authentic Jersey By contrast, teachers in the U.S., on average, spend $500 of their own money to stock their classrooms with supplies — which totals about $1.6 billion annually. Common sense tells us that better-funded schools will lead students down a path of success. They will be college-ready or prepared to enter the workforce because of having learned a trade in high school. With possibilities for further education or future employment, young people most definitely would be more inclined to resist the wrong roads that lead to incarceration.

If the Angels make the postseason and Mike Trout isn’t the MVP, I will internet-yell at the people responsible

Before we get too deep into this, I’m aware of how good Jose Altuve is. He will probably win the MVP. He’ll probably deserve it. He leads American League hitters in WAR, according to Baseball-Reference. He leads AL hitters in WAR, according to FanGraphs. If you’re telling me that I need to appreciate Altuve more, I take offense to that. I’ve been on this bandwagon for years, and he’s long been one of my favorite players to watch.

But the Angels are a story. They’re three games over .500, and they have a half-game lead in the second wild-card race. You all laughed at me when I called the Angels sneaky almost-maybe contenders before the season, just like you laughed at me when I said that Nelson Cruz was a horrible idea for the Mariners, but forget that last part. The Angels are relevant, and they just might make the postseason.

With a 74-48 record, the Nationals sit 14 games ahead of the Miami Marlins for the lead in the NL East and seem locked into the second spot in the National League as the Los Angeles Dodgers run away with the top spot.

Washington avoided disaster when Bryce Harper’s scary knee injury was revealed to be a bone bruise instead of something season-ending, but the team will still be without his services in August. The Nationals are 5-3 in their eight games since the injury.

Roark has been better for the Nationals on the road this season than he has been at home. Washington is 5-2 in Roark’s last seven road starts, compared to a 1-5 record in his last six at home, per the OddsShark MLB Database.

The Astros still have the best record in the American League at 76-48, but most of the heavy lifting on that record was done before the All-Star break. Over the second half, Houston is just 16-19, including a 7-12 run so far in the month of August.