Tom Brady may be skipping organized team activities, but he is still hanging around Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots quarterback has been throwing passes to wide receiver Julian Edelman in the practice bubble at Foxborough on a semi-regular basis, according to Michael Giardi of NBC Sports.

Yeah, I think at some point, whether you’re a rookie, whether you’re an 11-year guy, there’s always time to learn, there’s always time to share advice and wisdom that’s gained through experience, Stewart said last week. There’s younger guys that might experience things different than I have, so there’s always room for me to learn, too.

Barkley, the prize rookie, and Gallman, the second-year back, might be able to school Stewart as to what the young guys are listening to nowadays and perhaps provide a few social media/technology tips. Stewart has a decade of NFL insight to share and the Giants are banking on that experience overshadowing the wear-and-tear associated with carrying the ball and taking hits during 10 years with the Panthers.

Davis will soon be taking his own team to Las Vegas, and he has to be inspired by the support that the hockey team enjoys, with a standing-room-only crowd in the arena and thousands more outside. If the folks in Vegas will do that for a brand-new hockey team, they’ll likely do the same for one of the most iconic brands in football.

For a city that was excluded from big-time sports for decades due to gambling, the emergence of the Golden Knights combined with the looming arrival of the Raiders and the likely installation of Vegas as a key component of the Super Bowl rotation will make Vegas a major player in the American sports landscape, surely inviting speculation that an MLB and/or NBA team eventually could end up there.

After all, when the games begin, the needless, illegal and game-changing brutality perpetrated against fellow social protesters, topped with public demonstrations of excessive self-regard and taunting — not to mention off-field hassles and crimes to which cops are summoned — weekly show players throwing water on their own fires and convictions.

To that end, continued protests would be counter-productive to players’ earnings as well as the good and welfare of the business that enriches them.

Beyond that, the point has been made. Exploitation of the national anthem — a form of showboating — has grown tired, a faded, feckless fad. Consider that Colin Kaepernick, national symbol for change, was not even registered to vote.