J.A. Happ Jersey
Shane Vereen Jersey Fates, which once seemed just consequences of age or bad luck or tragic personal problems, now are unveiled as connected to the sport they played for America’s entertainment.

Sayers is 73. Another Hall of Famer from his heyday, tight end John Mackey, lost his battle with dementia six years ago, at 69. Sayers’ story mimics Mackey’s in numerous disturbing ways: public appearances where he didn’t recognize friends or acknowledge fans or connect with highlights of his own career.

Kevin Turner challenged the NFL’s settlement of the class-action concussion lawsuit based on his post-career struggles. After he died a year ago this month, the renowned researchers at Boston University discovered Turner actually had CTE, which produced symptoms almost identical to those associated with ALS.

The fan base plans to take it out on president Bruce Allen — who, by recent accounts, flexed his internal muscle way too hard to bring everything to this point — in Friday’s proposed protest march at the team’s suburban headquarters. Shades of Lions fans rebelling against Matt Millen. By extension, of course, the secondary target will be owner Dan Snyder, so a reference to Orioles fans once marching against Peter Angelos fits here, too.

Whatever the direct motivation, though, this is fairly safe to guess: More than a few marchers will be wearing Griffin or Cousins jerseys.

There are too many ingredients in this nasty stew to separate out a main one. But the actual on-field product, and the players brought in to improve it and bring it back to the standards the D.C. metro area once took for granted, stands out among them all.