Unlike former Bears QB Jay Cutler, Romo is joining a No. 1 announce team, not a No. 2. That means he’ll be working the biggest games that go out to the largest amount of viewers.

Limited Mens Eli Rogers Jersey Romo also be in a two-person booth with Nantz. Cutler will be supported by play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt and color commentator Charles Davis.

Simms, who held CBS’s No. 1 game analyst job for 20 years, has been moved to The NFL Today pregame show to make room for Romo. So Romo will have to grow and make mistakes on the job with his predecessor looking over his shoulder.

Another challenge for Romo, who spent his playing career in the NFC: He’ll be calling CBS’s AFC package, where he’s not as familiar with the players, coaches and teams.

If Kizer busts, then it’s not that big of a deal. He’ll simply be added to that alphabet soup of former Browns’ quarterbacks.

The potential payoff, however, isn’t all that different than the scenario in which the Browns could have taken Mitchell Trubisky. Kizer is from Toledo, Ohio. Kizer had two years as a starter at a major program, and he has shown potential in the down-field passing game. A redshirt year or two in Cleveland wouldn’t hurt, but that’s hard to come by. Kessler didn’t get it.
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It’s difficult to envision Kizer as a franchise quarterback, given the 4-8 record he led the Irish to last season, and it seems unlikely he’s the lottery ticket the Browns have been looking for. There’s still an intrigue, and it’s worth a shot to see if there’s any value there.