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After nine years of efforts by supporters, the Astrodome has finally been declared a state antiquities landmark in Texas.

Yes, apparently the process to gain landmark status in Texas is so arduous that even famous domed structure once known as the Eighth Wonder of the World wasn’t a gimme. It almost makes you wonder about that little Alamo place in San Antonio and that big domed building in Austin.

For people to try to second-guess something he did, even though we won, you kind of just laugh at it. We ride and die on his every move, and he’s the ultimate captain of our ship. Without him and the tone he sets, none of us would be doing what we do.

Critics roasted Maddon’s strategy in the final two World Series games, particularly his use of closer Aroldis Chapman. Chapman himself threw more gas on that fire, telling reporters, He abused me a bit on how much he made me pitch, and sometimes he made me pitch when I didn’t need to pitch.

Pitching coach Chris Bosio said he understands Chapman is a warrior, but his words about Maddon were unfair.

Carlton Fisk Game Jersey The bottom line is we got it done, Bosio said. You can’t fault anybody or pick anybody apart when you win it all, especially with what we had to overcome.

Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said he understands the continued second-guessing of Maddon’s strategy is just part of sports.

Listen, the great part about the game is everyone manages along with the manager, (and) second guesses, Epstein said. Everyone ‘GMs’ along with the GM and second-guesses. Ultimately, you do a great job and win. That speaks for itself. He has the ultimate defense.