Oakland’s beleaguered defense set the tone early

Rookie change-of-pace backs Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington added 62 and 35 yards, respectively.

After his third touchdown, Murray gave the ball to right tackle Austin Howard and allowed him to spike it.

Throwing the ball all over the field in Tampa Bay Doug Flutie Jersey is one thing; but to impart your will over the champs in front of a raucous crowd?

“Everything, everything that I know regarding any of Zeke’s behavior makes me satisfied that we don’t have any issues,” Jones said. “And I know about all of those things. I know everything, yes, there’s been nothing, nothing that I didn’t know about that anybody has brought up. I’m very comfortable that I’ve got Zeke’s full story. I’m real comfortable. And we haven’t been worried about that since training camp.”

Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 92 yards and two Drew Kaser Jersey touchdowns in the Cowboys’ victory over the Browns on Sunday. AP Photo/David Richard
According to USA Today, which cited an incident report, police in Aventura, Florida, were called to Elliott’s apartment to investigate an altercation with a woman in February.

The alleged incident involved the same woman who made a domestic abuse claim against Elliott in July. The NFL’s investigation is ongoing; however, prosecutors in Ohio declined to press charges over the summer in a domestic violence case, citing conflicting and inconsistent evidence.

In the February incident, the accuser alleged that Elliott, who was training in Florida, had pushed her against a wall, which resulted in left shoulder pain, according to the report. There were no physical signs of injury and no independent witnesses.

Gordon and the offense were buoyed by the Chargers’ opportunistic defense, which scored touchdowns off two Marcus Mariota turnovers — one a Dwight Lowery 36-yard fumble return and the other a 33-yard interception return by Brandon Flowers for a score in the fourth quarter.

Fantasy football cheat sheet: Start, sit and more tips for Week 9

Thursday night football may have offered little in the way of drama, but at least there was plenty of entertainment in Atlanta’s 43-28 win over Tampa Bay. Matt Ryan connected on four touchdowns and 344 yards. Jameis Winston answered with three touchdowns and 261 yards before leaving the game early due to a knee injury. Julio Jones (eight catches, 111 yards, one touchdown) and Mike Evans (11 catches, 150 yards, two touchdowns) also showed why they’re two of the top receivers in the league. Unfortunately for Evans, his game ended prematurely as he entered concussion protocol.

“Each one of them has a got plays, and we’ll see how that rolls,” coach Andy Reid said. “Charcandrick is going to get most of them, obviously, and we’ll see how he holds up.’’

The Chiefs have running back Darrin Reaves on their practice squad. He played well for them in the preseason, but the Chiefs won’t elevate him to the active roster in time for Sunday’s game because he has a groin injury.

“It’s bad timing because he’s a Derrick Johnson Authentic Womens Jersey pretty good little player,’’ Reid said.

West led the Chiefs in rushing last season with 634 yards. He had some big games last year, including 97 yards against the Detroit Lions and 76 yards against the Baltimore Ravens.

West until last week’s game hadn’t played as much this season because Ware was getting most of the work. But he replaced the injured Ware in the Derrick Thomas Authentic Womens Jersey second half of last week’s game against the Indianapolis Colts and rushed for 52 yards on 14 carries.

Sankey has been working overtime this week with running backs coach Eric Bieniemy to learn the plays.

“I’m ready for whatever, however many plays they want me to play,’’ he said.

He might get more snaps as a runner than as a pass receiver or blocker. The running game is easier to learn in such a compressed period than the pass routes and protections.

Ordinary homeowners are not entitled to similar privileges

It’s been a while, but Simmons has finally weighed on something. Naturally, it’s about the show that sucks up the most oxygen Bristol,. Context you probably know: Seahawks cornerback Richard appeared on ‘s afternoon edition of yesterday. He carpet-bombed Skip Bayless. He called him all sorts of names. This has happened the past, and it seems to be happening more often now that has added afternoon edition on. Producers for the show are teeing up athlete interviews like Javon Hargrave Authentic Womens Jersey this, hoping for a little Bayless vs. angry athlete fun. When Suggs called Bayless a douchebag, it felt like a ploy, a win-win for everyone. Light name-calling, harmless fun, ratings! And then there was on Bayless. went on a rant-calling the 61-year-old co-host of the show egotistical, ignorant, less accomplished life than he was-and Bayless tried to move things along he’s grossed out by the show that he finally felt compelled to speak up, or b.) he finally sees where the wind is blowing and isn’t afraid to criticize the show because he knows a dead walking when he sees it. When does Skipper realize that the 300 to 350k viewers that this show gets a day isn’t really worth Jerome Bettis Authentic Womens Jersey the destruction it’s wrought on all of? We have no choice but to worry about our brand with our friends the media and with advertisers and with business people.. If you do the old concentric circle thing, of course the stuff that happens inside the figurative Beltway, happens first then it moves outward. We never want to wait until it gets to the edge. It hasn’t gotten to the edge. Am I concerned it’s getting there? No. But am I concerned enough to try and react and do things differently? Yes. What happened yesterday was the stuff finally getting to the edge.

Shelter urges review of tax treatment of landlords as freedom of information request shows they declared £6bn against mortgage interest 2012 To Let signs the Selly Oak area of Birmingham. Landlords can claim mortgage interest as a business expense. Photograph: Furlong Getty Landlords enjoyed a record £14bn tax breaks 2013, according to figures revealing the expansion of the UK’s buy-to-let market the aftermath of the financial crisis. Property owners, who can claim tax deductions for a wide range of expenses when they rent out homes, claimed £6bn tax relief against the cost of mortgage interest alone the 2012 financial year. The scale of the tax breaks was revealed by HM Revenue & Customs after a freedom of information request.

The figures reveal that the number of landlords has increased by more than one-third over the past six years: 2 million taxpayers declared income from property the 2012 financial year, up from 1 million 2007. The anti-homelessness Shelter called for an urgent review of the tax treatment of landlords response to the figures. Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive, said: the context of looming welfare cuts and a dramatic shortage of homes, all those struggling to keep up with sky-high housing costs be shocked to hear that a massive £14bn has been given tax breaks for landlords just a year. A fraction of this amount would go a way towards fixing our housing shortage and giving millions of priced-out families and people the of a stable home. the Queen’s speech, the new government must start to set out a comprehensive plan that finally build the homes this country desperately needs. urgent review of these huge tax breaks must be part of this. Landlords’ expenses 2012 Landlords are allowed to deduct a wide range of expenses, on top of mortgage interest costs, before they have to pay tax on their rental income. These allowable expenses include the cost of insurance, maintenance and repairs, utility bills, cleaning and gardening, and legal fees. Ordinary homeowners are not entitled to similar privileges.

‘This can’t be real’: The moment Teddy Bridgewater went down

THE MEN WHO agree to talk about what happened do so reluctantly. Their eyes invariably drift to the spot in question: the grass practice field, somewhere Marcel Dionne Authentic Jersey near the 30-yard line, right hash. It happened with the offense heading north, 22 men on the field, no contact allowed.

They won’t talk about what the injury looked like, out of respect. These are men who long ago came to terms with the inhumanity of their game. They laugh about concussions and broken bones as a defense mechanism, the way an electrician might laugh with his buddies about getting a jolt from a faulty circuit. Occupational hazard.

But this is different. They close their eyes and wince, the image flashing Marian Gaborik Authentic Jersey in their minds. They shake their heads reflexively, as if they can dislodge the memory and evict it from their brains. They watched Teddy Bridgewater go down on that field on Aug. 30, his left leg separating at the knee, during the first minutes of a Vikings preseason practice. Every time they think about it, every time they stand near this field and close their eyes, they see it again.

He must have pulled a hammy, Smith thought.

Smith swung around to the receiver and saw that he was looking toward the backfield. He was reacting to someone else’s pain. Smith followed his eyes to see helmets flying and teammates jumping away like the grass was on fire. He heard them screaming, and Bridgewater screaming, and he saw powerful men rendered powerless.

You don’t think he’s good for three more in his first season uncoupled from KD?

Given that the Thunder went 18-0 in Westbrook’s triple-double games last season, they’ll surely be encouraging him.

HARRISON SMITH WAS running downfield with his back to the play, making sure he didn’t get beaten on a deep route. Even in a practice, and a noncontact drill, that’s important. It’s six weeks later, and he’s standing next to that field running the calculus through his head. He concludes that he must have been the person farthest from the injury. He pauses a moment to give thanks. When it happened, he heard a scream from a receiver who had turned back toward the play. It was an expletive that carried an unmistakable pitch: pain.