Teachers tried to talk to Bucannon, but he said it was difficult because they couldn’t grasp the type of emotions he was experiencing. So Bucannon turned to his father, and Duane became Deone’s sounding board. And when Bucannon wasn’t talking to his dad about his mom, he was praying for her.

More than 10 years after she returned from Iraq, Bucannon hasn’t talked to his mother about her year in the Middle East. He can’t.

“I was hoping it didn’t Greg Jennings Authentic Jersey get too volatile out there,” he said. “I never really asked her about it. I don’t think that’s something someone would want to talk about it.

“But shoot, she’s the best mom a guy can have.”

Bucannon said his father also was also deployed for “a couple things.” And as with his mother, Bucannon didn’t talk to his father about it.

“They take pride in being in the military and things like that,” Bucannon said. “But I’d rather go on the positive sides of that.”

“Because I feel like there’s a large body of water we haven’t discovered,” Hayes said. “We find different species in the water every day, so, who’s to say that a mermaid can’t be down there?”

All hope in convincing Hayes about dinosaurs was lost when they encountered the fossils of an animal Kimmel believed to be an anteater, only Harrison Smith Authentic Jersey to be told it was the ancient ancestor of a whale or a dolphin. A man in a T. rex outfit jumped out to scare Hayes, which only wound up confusing him. It just wasn’t working.

Kimmel found out about Hayes’ outlandish beliefs through HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and declared on one of his previous shows that he would someday take Hayes on a field trip.

When their long-awaited day was finished, Kimmel asked Hayes if his mind had been changed.

“Absolutely it has,” Hayes said. “It changed my mind that mermaids aren’t just in the water; they could be on land. … My search for Ariel has intensified even more now.”