A TINY bit. Next, he won’t be the only one jabbing a finger toward the heavens after a successful slant route. It’s a fact that as the get bigger, do the onfield gestures. Nobody raises their hands to the sky August ’cause not even God gives a shit about the preseason; that’s when He vacations with J. Blige. Regardless of who gets a confetti shower and embroidered shirt after the Super Bowl, is still going to be thanking the Lord for lead blocking. And for liking him more than Jon Kitna.. —— Cameron Frye:, or the notorious G.O.D. could probably care less about. you’re not the Super Bowl because of – you’re there because the West sucks and they needed a team to represent your Duke Johnson Jersey division. If a group of retarded helmet kids had a better record than the Cardinals, they’d be there. But you do have Leinert there – you’re not that far off. had as much to with your success as he did when Mystikal wrote ‘Shake Ya Ass’. Actually, that’s not true. We all know J.C. was a big ass. Growing up Catholic, I’ve had suspicions on whether or not there was a God.

I mean, if there was a God, would Dwayne Bowe Jersey have played the entire instead of gallivanting around with and a bum knee and talking to Canadian radio shows about his homemade aspercream. If there was a God I wouldn’t have gone to prom stag and woke up naked & hung over from a night of binge drinking Parrot Bay some seedy motel room next to someone ‘s date. And most importantly, do you honestly think would let a team with a 9 record participate the Super Bowl? If you want me to be convinced there is a higher power, let Leinert play next ; then I’ll believe there’s a God and know he has a sense of humor too. —— : Church and State, God and Country, Piety and Pigskin? Why not? The Lord’s Prayer was read on the White House steps during the inauguration of our new President. Statesman invoked blessings from the heavens for our country and president. And if anyone can use a few blessings, it’s Barack Obama. Think of it this way, wasn’t our little country founded by a bunch of scared, hungry immigrants who fled their own lands because of religious oppression? Doesn’t every one of our nation’s most sacred documents and most famous speeches contain some sort of spiritual recognition of bequest? why wouldn’t we it the greatest American past time; sports. We’re religious peoples. Okay, a MANY religion religious peoples. I ‘t necessarily mind seeing a player spike a touch down and drop to his knees and throw his hands to the heavens as long as it only lasts a brief moment. But seriously, wouldn’t it be freakin’ amazing if there was a little equality?

We have equality everything, why not religion too? How about someone doing a post-game presser and thanking Satan for amazing tackle that splays a player out unconscious? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Thank you oh Dark Lord for laying waste of opponent. Or how about thanking Mercury for the speed to run a race past 3 non-believing runners. I’d like to thank Thor for the power of the Gods that I might press that 800 lbs and not crush spinal column. What happened to those religions? They were fun. No, we’re down to just a few popular deities. Put your hand your pocket and pull out a dollar. Does it not say In God We Trust? Maybe it should say In God We Believe? We’re told to be thankful for the little things that come our way each day. Sometimes those little things are the things we have worked our lives to achieve: a home run, a touch down, a game winning goal. When we have something other than ourselves, we remember to thank something higher. It’s not a bad thing.