Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, the New York Giants compounded a lost season by losing their way. As a lifelong Giants fan, every moment of this 2-9 fiasco — one that began with legitimate Super Bowl hopes — has been painful. And yet, nothing compared to Tuesday’s decision to bench Eli Manning.

The Bills did not even think that much of him.No debut date has been announced, though judging from the flurry of faces glimpsed the commercial, they’ve already taped several segments.After the latest step his recovery, which he fully participated the light practice while wearing a compression sleeve over his left knee, he expects to return to the court by the end of November.He also saw his strikeout rate skyrocket to 12 strikeouts per 9 innings and ended up settling into the closer role, recording 13 Wholesale Jerseys saves.He arrived Pittsburgh, met with a Steelers official but found out during the night of his arrival that a close family member had passed away.

What got into Tomlin? Why so bold? Why this out-of-character public course?

It was Steelers receiver Antonio Brown who taped Tomlin’s private, expletive-filled Patriots message to his team before last season’s AFC championship game and posted it on social media for all to hear. NFL coaches think and say a myriad of salty things in private, so that was amusing but not stunning. Rarely do NFL coaches actually plant such specific, look-ahead, opponent-oriented stuff so audaciously in public.

Here’s what I see -– Mike Tomlin has a Patriots problem.

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