Game Womens Mark Grace Jersey Defense. While Fultz does occasionally display solid instincts for creating turnovers — his chase-down blocks have become the stuff of legends and his instincts to jump passing lanes are solid — his overall package on that end leaves a lot to be desired due to effort levels. Be it due to the malaise of the entire Washington team or simply his own issues, Fultz was poor at the point of attack and often got lost off the ball. Washington was among the worst high-major defenses in college hoops last season, and he played a role in that.

NBA teams also wonder about what can be perceived as a laissez-faire attitude on the floor. In college, he was hot and cold in terms of the takeover, killer instinct that teams want from superstar players. It’s a small thing because it’s far from a certainty that he doesn’t have that instinct, and it’s incredibly difficult to measure, but it’s something people at the very least have in the back of their minds.

None of this stuff will be his calling card, though, as it’s questionable how much of his creation ability will translate. And beyond that, he’s not a perfect prospect. He does struggle sometimes with quick guards. His lack of standing reach and wingspan will make him easier to finish over than other players of his ilk. He’ll struggle to finish around the rim against bigger players, like the ones he’ll see in the NBA.

Game Womens Jeremy Lane Jersey But if we knew that he had those skills for sure at the next level, he’d be uniformly considered a top-20 player in the draft. Even without them, Ojeleye has all the makings of a solid 3-and-D role player. He has the mentality to step in and do what his coaches ask of him, the skill to hit shots from deep and attack closeouts and the versatility to defend screen-and-rolls as well as switch onto different players. As the NBA downsizes, teams continue to look for players who can play both big and small — Ojeleye has shown he does exactly that.