Does Shaquille O’Neal believe the Earth is flat? Well no. I mean yes. I mean … maybe. Over the weekend, he unequivocally stated that he is on Kyrie Irving’s side in believing the earth is not round.

Authentic Womens Justin Houston Jersey The court filing, the report notes, reflects the claims of the former players against NFL teams, presenting the players’ side of a legal argument, including evidence on which they base it.

Authentic Womens Trevor Bauer Jersey According to the Post, the court filing alleges that the teams dispensed painkillers and prescription-strength anti-inflammatories in numbers far beyond anything previously acknowledged or made public.

As an example contained in the court documents, the average NFL team in 2012 prescribed nearly 5,777 doses of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and 2,213 doses of controlled medications, such as Vicodin and Toradol, to its players, according to a March 2013 internal document from the league-employed medical adviser who oversees the NFL’s drug issues.

That would be an average of about six to seven pain pills or injections per week per player over a typical NFL season, what one medical expert told the Post represented an incredible amount of intervention with some pretty risky drugs.