Odell Beckham Jr. is ready for cheap shots from the Rams

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher says his players won’t be baiting OBJ. We’ll believe it when we see it.

The Rams say they won’t bait Odell Beckham Jr. Coach Jeff Fisher said the Rams players “have been instructed not to hurt the football team.” I don’t believe it. That’s the kind of 7-9 bullshit the Rams are synonymous with under Fisher and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

As for the Giants, Beckham Shea McClellin Jersey says he’s ready for the late hits given out by the Rams defensive backs. “You do expect it,” Beckham said. “I always say stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

There’s a history between the Rams Sherrick McManis Jersey and Beckham. A late hit by the Rams on Beckham started a brawl on the sidelines between the two teams back in 2014.

The Giants-Rams game starts at 9:30 a.m. ET, and you can catch it on the NFL Network or a few places online.

While the other Giants receivers were running routes with quarterback Eli Manning prior to the game, Beckham was working with the training staff. He didn’t look comfortable according to Adam Schefter, and spent more time talking to the head coach and general manager.

The question now is just how much Beckham will play and how effective he’ll be against the Rams.

Beckham will also have to contend with a Rams defense known for taking some cheap shots and trying to bait players like Beckham. He’s said that he’s prepared for whatever they bring, and Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has said that they won’t bait him. But we’ll see.

He’s coming off a career game last week where he scored twice and racked up 222 receiving yards against the Ravens. His 581 receiving yards this season rank fifth in the NFL.

Giants sign Robbie Gould to replace Josh Brown. Brown didn’t travel with the team to London, but the newly signed Gould did. Meanwhile, the Giants still haven’t cut Brown.

The dink and dunk passing game got the Packers offense moving again. Rodgers averaged just over 5.8 yards per attempt on Thursday night against the Bears — 326 yards on 56 attempts — which is a long way from what we’re used to seeing from Rodgers. His career average of 7.9 yards per attempt. But it was EXACTLY what the Packers offense needed to get going.

Davante Adams might be the answer to Aaron Rodgers’ struggles. Adams helped solve Rodgers’ offensive troubles, at least for one night.

Menu Karlos Dansby took his second interception of the day 35 yards to the house

Toronto answered with two runs the third inning on a ground-rule double by Donaldson and RBI groundout by Bautista. But Kansas City put the game out of reach with four runs the seventh, three more the eighth Thomas Rawls Jersey and two more the ninth. Royals starter was pulled after 4 3 innings, having allowed two earned runs on three hits and two walks. He struck out four and handed a 5 lead to the Kansas City relievers. Game 5 of the ALCS — a potential clincher for the Royals — is Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET at Rogers Centre.

Menu Karlos Dansby took his second interception of the day 35 yards to the house. AP Photo David FR25496 AP It’s not often that you pick off Peyton Manning three times and return one for a touchdown, but still lose. The Browns managed to do that Sunday against the visiting Broncos, falling to 2 on the season. was even able to overcome linebacker Barkevious Mingo’s interception of Manning on the first series of overtime. — NFL October 18 Karlos Dansby had the other two interceptions for the Browns. He returned this one in the fourth quarter 35 yards to the end zone to give a 20 lead. — NFL October 18 Just Tony McDaniel Jersey 16 seconds later, this happened, and went right back on top. – NFL October 18.

Dreger also reported that prior to Weber’s signing, the Red Wings, San Jose, the New Rangers and Philadelphia were involved trade talks with the Predators for the 6-foot-4-pound defenseman. Nashville has seven days to match the offer. If it declines it receive four first-round picks as compensation, if the average annual salary is $8,976 or higher. If it is between $6,781 and $8,976, the Predators would receive two first-round picks, a second and a third. .Weber, a two-time Trophy finalist as the NHL’s top defenseman, was a restricted free agent after his one-year, $7 million deal, awarded through arbitration, expired after the . Weber, 26, had 19 goals and 49 points last . If the Predators match the offer sheet, which surely is heavily front-loaded, they wouldn’t be able to trade Weber for one year, as per the current collective bargaining agreement.

The Red Wings, under general manager Holland, have never tendered offer sheet to a restricted free agent. Holland has said he believes it’s pointless, since the player’s team almost always matches. Detroit desperately needs a top pair defenseman after Nicklas Lidstrom retired. The Red Wings made a big push for Weber’s former teammate, Suter, offering him a 13-year deal worth $88 million, but he signed instead with the Minnesota Wild for $98 million over 13 years. There are no more high-end defensemen on the free-agent market, forcing the Red Wings to fill that void through a trade. The Red Wings also are seeking a top-six winger. They offered New Jersey’s Zach Parise a 13-year deal worth $73 million, but weren’t even the ball park. He joined Suter Minnesota for the same amount .

Why Warriors want to win — but not too much

As the Golden State Warriors embark on what is, at the very least, the most hyped season in the NBA since the beginning of the Miami Heat’s Big Three era, there is an irony to this campaign: It’s the drum roll for a team that won’t really try to live up to the hype.

“It’s obviously a very serious, important issue,” said Lakers first-year head coach Luke Walton. “I think something needs to be done. This country is too great to have happen what keeps happening. What that is, we’ll decide as a group and continue to talk about what we can do.

“But I think, most importantly, it’s what we get behind as an organization, individually and as a team. I know a lot of the media runs with what happens during the national anthem, which is a very big subject, because it’s touchy from both sides. But to me, it’s about what kind of change can we make. And that comes from getting with organizations that are in action within the community and giving out time, money and whatever else we can to help this problem get fixed.”

Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. said players discussed possibly locking arms and that the team’s coaching staff and front office said they’ll support the players’ decision.

“Obviously, something needs to be done about this in the United States today,” Nance said. “But as far as my stance, we as a team are currently in discussions of what we’re going to do as a group, as a whole. That’s something that I think the brand of the Lakers can really make an impact on.”

As forward Julius Randle added, “I think definitely there’s a way for us to all get together and making an impact on what’s going on. Guys need to say something, and something needs to be said.”

Oh, the team with two former MVPs — Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant — will certainly compete. The Warriors will also seek to play well on a nightly basis. What they will not do, however, is try for another wins record, after an NBA-record 73 victories last season. So, 74 wins isn’t the goal this season, even if it’s somehow plausible with this unprecedented collection of talent.

Could the Warriors have had a dominating postseason if they’d relinquished a dominating regular season? We will never know. Some choices only look like choices in retrospect. For much of the season, the San Antonio Spurs were right there, challenging for the top seed. And when the Spurs finally fell back, history was so tantalizingly attainable. At that point, going for 73 wins was less a decision than a calling.

In any event, the Warriors never looked quite as good as they did in the first half of last season. So the goal this season is to perhaps reverse that process, to build strength as opposed to eroding it. There’s also the more obvious, basic goal — the one head coach Steve Kerr kept insisting was all that mattered to him last season.

As Green put it, “Obviously our goal every year is to come out and get the No. 1 seed. And the most important goal is to win a championship. I think there definitely may be bumps in the road; it’s not going to be all great like a lot of people think it is. And some people think it isn’t. I know it’s going to take some time for us to adjust. I’m looking forward to that. A lot of people think if we even start 19-6, the world is coming to an end.”

Kerr has been making similar statements, as have others in the Golden State organization. It’s a quixotic bid to manage expectations, surely doomed to fail. The Warriors won’t be expected to win 73 again, but a losing streak won’t exactly be forgiven. With Durant in tow, they have more firepower than possibly any team ever. Excuses for losing won’t be forthcoming.

Isaiah Thomas on Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson: ‘I definitely want to be just like him’

Boston Celtics 5-foot-9 point guard Isaiah Thomas has repeatedly professed his admiration for Allen Iverson and, on the morning of Iverson’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Thomas again gushed about the inspiration that the generously-listed-as-6-foot Iverson provided for him.

“You know how much D-Will loves to dress up,” Devin Harris said, recalling the Halloween party Williams hosted last year, when the point guard went with a “Macho Man” Randy Savage outfit.

There was nothing macho about the uniforms Williams and several Mavs teammates wore Saturday. He named their team GWA (Grannies With Attitude), going with mumus and gray wigs for uniforms.

Williams even convinced Rick Carlisle to wear the uniform while “coaching” from the bench.

The event benefited Williams’ Point of Hope Foundation, which supports autism awareness, education, and research, a cause close to his heart as he is the father of a son with autism.

“If you follow the way [Kaepernick] talks and the message he’s trying to send with his act, from his mouth, he’s not disrespecting veterans. He’s not disrespecting military. That’s not his intention,” Curry said. “He’s obviously continued the act to create a conversation for more social justice and things of that nature. So, I’ve been a part of certain conversations off the grid, and finding different ways to make our community better, especially for African-Americans. And so, that’s not the way that I would do it, but I support him in his attempt to start a conversation or continue the conversation.”

What’s a bit surreal is that nearly a year before their chance encounter, McNulty posted a photo of Thomas muscling his way through traffic during a Celtics game with the caption, “The GOAT.”

During a taped appearance from the Celtics’ practice facility on GMA, Thomas told McNulty, “Thanks for letting me shoot hoops for you the other day” and invited McNulty to be his guest at a game this season.

A stunned McNulty asked, “Are you serious?” Which is what all of his friends have been asking him since last week.

Thunder fan petitions to have name of Oklahoma town changed from Durant to Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder fans were understandably upset when Kevin Durant announced his decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors on July 4, going so far as to even burn his jersey.

“In talking with Boston, I was given the option of taking that pick or else taking Jae Crowder. I liked Crowder but I thought he wouldn’t get much of a chance to play behind Carmelo [Anthony], so I took the pick, which turned out to be Cleanthony Early. While Cleanthony has missed lots of time in the past two seasons with us, he still has the potential to be a valuable player. Even so, I should have taken Crowder.

“Anyway, for all of us, making mistakes are part of the learning process. … We won 15 more games this season than we did last season, something that’s not easy to do in the NBA. I’d be more than happy if we could make the same jump next season.”

A few things to unpack here: Dallas traded Crowder to Boston in December 2014, and he signed a five-year, $35 million contract in the summer of 2015 to remain with the Celtics. That’s one of the more valuable contracts in the NBA at the moment. The salary cap spike has led to a massive increase in contract values for free agents, and getting a versatile player like Crowder for $7 million a year is very team friendly.

Assuming the Knicks acquired Crowder in the 2014 trade and signed him to the same contract as Boston, he would be an extremely valuable piece. Adding Crowder — who averaged 14.2 points and 5.1 rebounds last season — also would have changed the complexion of the Chandler/Felton trade; none of the players the Knicks acquired in the deal is currently on the roster.

Rubio has had several conversations with Thibodeau since he was hired. But they haven’t had the time to really dig into the situation. Thibodeau was an assistant on Team USA in Rio, so now that the Olympics are over, the two expect to have more in-depth conversations.

“In my five years I’ve been there, definitely it’s the best group,” Rubio said. “Players, coaches, you put it all together and it’s the best we’ve ever had. The excitement is real. We have really young talent that can really take us to the next level with veterans that can help. And the coach, I think, is going to be the key and the difference.”

“The past is the past, but that No. 1, I think, will always be stuck with me. It’s always going to remind people and give them memories of how I played when I was younger. I was playing reckless, and I was just ballin’. I had raw talent,” Rose said in an interview with The Vertical. “Now, with the No. 25, I think you’ll see a more mature player. You’ll see the player that you saw toward the end of last year. More under control-type of game, and I got a lot more options now this year. That No. 1 will always be engraved in me, and it’s not going anywhere. Twenty-five is just a new step, and a new step in the right direction.”

The Knicks traded for Rose in late June, the first step in putting together a club that they hope can snap the franchise’s three-season playoff drought.