You’re starting your Sunday at least $400 in the hole hours before the game even begins.

Once you get there and spend another $50 or more to park your car, you have to make it through the parking lot without someone vomiting on you, stabbing you (if you’re going to a Niners game) or, worst of all, telling you how great their shitty brisket is (wow, you grilled some meat, awesome.)

Don’t forget to put all of your crap in the clear plastic bag!

And then you’re finally inside. Weave through the throngs of sweaty humanity touching you, sneezing on you, coughing, being loud, until you find your seat. Oh, look, the man in front of you isn’t wearing underwear beneath his sweatpants, so now you’ve got to look around his hairy ass just to squint at tiny little specks moving an even tinier little speck around the field.

Watkins put together an explosive 2015 despite battling nagging injuries all season. If he can find a way to stay healthy, he could be the missing piece in the Bill Buffalo offense. With free agency looming, that would be a major win for both the Bills and Watkins himself. One big season is all it would take to reward Buffalo’s draft faith in him while setting the stage for a massive contract.

The first question any team will ask when it comes to Watkins next spring is whether or not he can stay healthy, and 2017 may be his last chance to prove he can. If the young receiver can fulfill the massive potential he’s displayed in flashes over three seasons in the league, this season could be the best of his life.patriots_116-180x180

His last first-round NBA playoffs loss came in May 2012

To be fair to Anthony, he has made adjustments to his game in an attempt to keep up with the times. He has had some very good seasons as a 3-point shooter (37.9 percent in 2012-13, 40.2 percent the following year), but some bum years, too (34.1 percent two years ago, 33.9 percent last year). He attempted 5.7 3-pointers per game this year, second-most in his career, and made just about the league average, 36.0 percent.

Front-office executive: “To me, there are two great coaches in the league, and that’s Pop (Gregg Popovich) and Rick Carlisle. That’s it. After that you have some very good coaches, guys who you would trust like Steve Kerr, Dwane Casey, Doc (Rivers), Thibs (Tom Thibodeau), I think Terry Stotts falls in that category now, Scotty Brooks. There is that tier of guys.

I like Bud (Mike Budenholzer) a lot, too, I would probably have him behind Spo. Then I would say Stevens, third in that group, and guys like Quin Snyder, Ty Lue and Billy Donovan after that. I think David Fizdale and Kenny Atkinson could be guys like that in time, and maybe Luke Walton.”

His last first-round NBA playoffs loss came in May 2012, with James playing for the Heat against the Knicks. With Cleveland completing a 106-102 victory over the Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, this became the fifth consecutive season in which his team won four consecutive first-round games; that’s never been done before. “Great coaching,” Cleveland boss Tyronn Lue said with a laugh.

It was quite obvious a sweep was very much a part of the plan for Cleveland against Indiana because Lue nearly kept James on the floor for every single minute. He came out for 85 seconds at the end of the first quarter — Lue had to call timeout to get him a break there — and then just short of two minutes at the end of the third.

Drew Pearson says Roger Goodell ‘encouraged’ his Eagles trolling at draft

Drew Pearson was urged to troll Eagles fans at last week’s NFL Draft in Philadelphia.

The former Cowboys wide receiver told PFT Live on Monday that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell encouraged his comments before announcing Dallas’ second-round selection of Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuzie on Friday.

Here’s why that’s awkward: Kelly once threatened a bouncer in a Buffalo, N.Y., bar saying he would “go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.” He was charged with disorderly conduct, reaching a plea deal in January of 2015 and performing 50 hours of community service.

The incident occurred in 2014, when Kelly was still an Ole Miss commit fresh out of East Mississippi Community College. He then led the Rebels for two seasons, going 14-8. Kelly threw for 5,800 yards and 50 touchdowns to only 21 interceptions during that stretch, but several character concerns caused the NFL to not invite him to its combine — and for him to drop to the final pick of the NFL Draft.

Regardless, this will likely result in an awkward meeting at NFL Network studios. In giving up this year’s No. 32 pick to the Saints for Cooks, who was the No. 20 overall pick in 2014, the Patriots get someone who can give their current offense some of the best elements they had in Moss and Welker.

Cooks was not the go-to guy in New Orleans. That will change in New England, as his speed, quickness and versatility will be used to create mismatches Brady can exploit. Julian Edelman and Hogan can help Cooks enjoy a more high-target, amoebic role.cubs_1665

Offensively, Nurkic has shown himself to be a heady basketball player who makes plays for both himself and his teammates.

He helps organize Portland’s offense, pointing teammates in opportunistic directions and signaling the guards when a potential cut presents itself. While Lillard garnered a boisterous applause for a gorgeous dime to a cutting Maurice Harkless on this March 2 play, it was Nurkic’s screen that created an open lane.

When the Thunder attempted to trap McCollum after denying a pick, he found Nurkic, who could have easily had his way with the undersized Alex Abrines. Instead, Nurkic made an immediate touch pass to Noah Vonleh.

In just eight games in Portland, Nurkic is averaging three and a half times more assists per game than at any point during his three seasons in Denver. That’s a small sample, but could be a sign of what’s to come.

Hopson inherited a team that actually had expectations again. The nine-win 2015 had enlivened the fan base, and heading into 2016 I saw a schedule that featured only one sure loss.

USM is projected 72nd in S&P+ and plays only one team projected higher. The trip to LSU is a likely loss, games against Kentucky, Marshall and perhaps Louisiana Tech are tossups (with a coin slightly weighted in USM’s favor), and the other eight are likely wins. But those are based on Monken’s work. A coaching change always threatens progress.

A brief step backward is on the table if the offense isn’t quite as good on third-and-long and the defense isn’t as good at forcing third-and-long.
The Golden Eagles went 3-0 in those three “tossup” games (though Marshall’s collapse made that anything but a tossup) and lost to LSU. If you had told me that 12 months ago, I’d have assumed they finished about 10-2. Instead, they fell to 7-6 with losses to Troy, UTSA, Charlotte, ODU, and North Texas.

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File under Weird ’80s Stuff: John Elway in a bathrobe

I work out of a cubicle tucked in the far northwest corner of the NFL Media newsroom. On my desk sits a television that is tuned to NFL Network pretty much all the time unless there’s a televised police chase taking place in the greater Los Angeles area.

Based on this news, the franchise tag will not be an option for the 2014 Pro Bowler.

The Patriots and Bennett have a “mutually respectful” relationship, Rapoport added, but it will be quite a challenge for the two sides to find common ground on value once the new league year begins on March 9.

As we pointed out after the Pats’ Super Bowl LI victory, the one financial constant of the Belichick era is a steadfast refusal to set the market for any player — a policy that now leaves Bennett on the outside looking in.

The team is understandably unwilling to pay any tight end more than Rob Gronkowski’s $9 million annual figure.

Soon after trading for Bennett last offseason, New England offered him a new deal worth $7 million per year, Rapoport reported early this month. Bennett promptly rejected that offer.

At this time last year, Bennett was available to 31 teams for the bargain-basement cost of a fourth-round pick. After transforming his reputation from clubhouse headache to selfless Super Bowl champion, he’s now counting on one of the remaining 30 teams to overpay for his services.

While we marvel at the feats of a nearly 40-year-old Tom Brady, don’t forget what Harrison has accomplished — and the havoc he continues to wreak — in Pittsburgh. The player and team remain a perfect match, much to the disdain of the AFC North.

Renner notes that nearly half of Pryor’s receiving yards came in just four starts

The Gamecocks actually signed more four-stars in this recruiting cycle than Tennessee did, but the Vols had three more commitments and landed five-star tackle Trey Smith, boosting their class just a touch above South Carolina’s No. 21 class. The Gamecocks had an player star rating of 87.02, while the Vols edged them out at 87.14, according to the 247Sports Composite. That’s a negligible difference.

The schools have similar geographic challenges, given the fact that they don’t have lots of talent in state and have to fight with just about everyone in the conference and outside of it to get the best players.

But on the flip side, because of that location, it’ll be a bit easier for South Carolina to get prospects than the bottom-tier recruiting teams in the division, Kentucky and Missouri. The Wildcats traffic consistently in the low 20s and 30s. Mizzou’s 50th-ranked class follows up a No. 43 ranking in 2016, and the days of Gary Pinkel seem far gone.

Both those teams fight battles on different fronts in different regions though: Missouri in the Midwest and Kentucky in the Ohio River Valley. Vanderbilt remains a bit of a recruiting outlier unto itself because of the academic standards of the program and how much the administration cares about sports. The key for South Carolina is figuring out where it best fits, then executing.

But none of that is what’s critical now. Best wishes to Key on getting through whatever has sidelined him.

Renner notes that nearly half of Pryor’s receiving yards came in just four starts. Cleveland didn’t have much continuity at the quarterback position last season, which could be a contributing factor.

the Saints rested starters in Week 17 as well. I played against the Saints that season

Stafford will have to overcome a Packers offense once again led by an MVP candidate. Aaron Rodgers has been on fire lately, The Green Bay quarterback hasn’t thrown an interception since a blowout loss to the Titans in November, but he has thrown 14 touchdowns in the intervening weeks. The Packers, not coincidentally, are 5-1 over that stretch.

But our experts aren’t banking on another strong-armed miracle Sunday night.

Or the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons getting in, while the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks miss out?

They’re far from the likely scenarios. In fact, they’re about as unlikely as it gets, but the NFL has no shortage of wackiness and thinking of the most ridiculous possibilities sure is fun.

Two teams in the NFC East improved to 6-7 on Sunday and a third can do so on Monday Night Football when the New York Giants play the Miami Dolphins. With a Week 16 game between Washington and Philadelphia still on the schedule, the division winner will have to be a seven-win team, at least, barring a tie.

That means the only chance the Cowboys have at the postseason is to win out and hope for a tie at the top of the division. Luckily for Dallas, three of its four wins came against NFC East opponents and a fourth divisional win in Week 17 against Washington would give the Cowboys the tiebreaker over any other team in the division.

That season, the Saints rested starters in Week 17 as well. I played against the Saints that season, with Carolina. We were 7-8; they were 13-2. That game always stands out to me because it was a game like no other one I’ve played. The Saints were playing to not get hurt. They weren’t going hard, they weren’t trying to score. Just bleed out the clock.

I remember the end of the game, they were down and instead of driving to win the game, they just ran it a few times, punted, and the game was over. I had never seen that before. But it worked. They won the Super Bowl.

Outside linebackers Bruce Irvin and Malcolm Smith also showed up

Per Pro Football Focus, Mack had an overall grade of 83.7 against the Texans, with a sack, a QB hit and five hurries plus two run stops. Mack, who has a team-leading eight sacks on the season, has a season grade of 90.8, second in the NFL among edge-rushers, and his 54 total pressures is third overall.

But he was not the only Jim Brown Womens Jersey player on the Raiders’ defense to step out. Outside linebackers Bruce Irvin and Malcolm Smith also showed up.

Irvin said it might have been his best game as a pro, and PFF gave him an overall grade of 79.2 after he had a sack and three hurries with four stops in the run game and 10 total tackles.

“Just a complete game for him, just being a total package football player,” defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. said of Irvin. “Coming into the league, he may have been detailed as a finesse-type player. He’s really rugged now. He’s really strong, really smart, really confident. He can play sideline to sideline. He can rush the passer. He can drop into coverage. He can knock tight ends off the line. He can cover tight ends. He can do all this stuff.

In his past four games, Bryant has 22 catches for 400 yards and four touchdowns. Bryant feels like it could have been more. He turned around Norman on a deep route in the first half, but Prescott did not see the play develop.

“Man, he got lucky, put it that way,” Bryant said.

In the past, Bryant would have been thrown off his game by Joe Haden Womens Jersey Norman. He would have made it about him. Maybe he would have exhausted himself so much he would have needed intravenous fluids. Maybe he would have been drawn into a penalty or two.

“You are going to play against certain guys that are going to try to get you off your game and distract you,” coach Jason Garrett said. “I keep using the word focus, but I thought he was focused throughout this ballgame. He was locked in on what he needed to do to have success. When the opportunities were there, he cashed in on them and made a lot of big plays.”

Darrelle Revis made the right decision

I spent about five hours yesterday trying to wrap my head around the Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trade (two hours just trying to figure out the conditional pick). It was kind of a relief when the Darrelle Revis news broke. An old fashioned, straight-forward big money free agent signing.

The Jets, John Idzik Art Shell Authentic Jersey specifically, got crucified for not doing enough, not spending enough. Trading Revis to the Buccaneers and then watching him go to the Patriots, the eventual Super Bowl champs, became the impresa for a team trudging toward irrelevancy.

“Really I was in awe,” Jones said after the game. “I was very disappointed, but I was in awe of RG3. The plays that he was making — they made some great catches, they made some great plays. It was unbelievable the plays they were making.”

The 28-year-old has consistently Austin Howard Authentic Jersey moved up the all-time passing list over the past two seasons, having passed Hall of Famers Terry Bradshaw, Ken Stabler and Joe Namath earlier this season.

He also moved up the all-time passing touchdowns leaderboard in the first half against Minnesota. With a 2-yard pass to Anquan Boldin, he threw his 182nd touchdown, placing him in a tie with Steve Grogan for No. 52 all time. The play was also the 80th touchdown catch of Boldin’s career.

It was also Stafford’s 15th touchdown pass on Thanksgiving, setting a franchise record.

Four years is a lifetime in the NFL. Sustained success is the mark of excellence.

“They’re such a key part of our success in what they do. I really don’t think anybody looks at them as rookies,” Jason Witten said. “Not just by their play, but just how they go about it. They love ball. You’re now 10 weeks into it. I mean, that’s a long time. And they have the ball in their hands at key times in games. I don’t think anybody looks at them as rookies, playing really well for us.”