Myles Garrett could resume his stint on the sidelines.
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League executives had spent that morning as they had the previous four weeks: grappling with a series of events the league and owners could not control, unleashed by President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of the decision by a handful of players to kneel during the national anthem.

The winless 49ers clawed their way back, but Cousins eventually finished them off, scoring on a 7-yard read-option in the fourth quarter, the exact kind of play Griffin used Cyrus Jones Authentic Jersey to run with transitory brilliance. I’m happy for him, Gruden says. He’s done a good job. He’s going to keep doing a good job, either here or somewhere else. Hopefully it will be here. That’s what our plan is, anyway.

The fog isn’t an excuse for the Falcons, who haven’t scored a single point since the first half of their Week 6 loss to the Dolphins. But Sarkisian being in the booth might be part of the problem given the foggy conditions.

Now that we’re almost halfway through the season, we have a good idea of which young defenses have taken that leap forward, and which have not. We know which veteran defenses are still playing well, and which are not. And we know which teams have put unknown names together and somehow made it all work better than anyone expected.

Below, we’ve ranked the 10 best defenses in the league so far, measured by Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. DVOA takes every single play during the season, rates the success based on down and distance and then adjusts for both situation and opponent. (It’s explained further here.) Let’s look at what’s making these defenses good in 2017, where they are strongest and weakest and whether early success is likely to continue in the second half of the season. You can find ratings for all 32 teams here.