This is always one of the most exciting times on the sports calendar, and this season is no different, with plenty of intrigue around the league and several entertaining matchups set for the opening week.

Marcus Mariota ($6,800 DraftKings, $7,800 FanDuel), Tennessee Titans vs. Oakland Raiders: One of my favorite quarterbacks to play the past two seasons has finally seen a jump in price commensurate with his talent level.

The Flywire collar has been particularly problematic for the Cowboys. At one point in 2014 and ’15, the bands within the collar turned blue, which the team attributed to laundry problems (additional photos and info here). Although the Cowboys eventually got that problem under control, it’s just as well that they’ve broken out the Flyswatter this season:

Week 1 is always one of the most difficult weeks. Last season, over 26 percent of Eliminator Challenge participants were knocked out in Week 1. Even though every team is available, it’s still too early to know exactly which teams are improved and which have regressed. And the schedule does us no favors.

Edwards ended up on a couch in Huntsville, Texas, living with two new teammates and trying to understand what “fixin’ to” meant. Long-snapper Ken Jones and linebacker Jesse Beauchamp showed him the ropes and introduced him to another outback. He discovered the American South, lived what he thought was going to be the “American Pie college experience,” tried barbecue, Aussie meets saucy.