Allen Robinson had some serious misfortune Sunday afternoon in the Jaguars game against the Texans, injuring his left knee on his first reception. Robinson’s injury was so bad, that he was ruled out for the game.

Robinson is one of the best players in the Jacksonville offense, and is even more important when you consider that, well, Blake Bortles isn’t all that good. So when Robinson was down, Bortles ended up slapping the injured knee.

Prior to the injury, the 49ers defense was doing well against Carolina, but immediately following Foster’s exit, Cam Newton connected with Russell Shepard on a 40-yard touchdown pass.

What will the 49ers defense do if Foster misses time? Next on the depth chart behind Foster is Ray-Ray Armstrong, a veteran who spent his first two seasons with the Rams and Raiders before joining the 49ers late in his third NFL season in 2015.

He has five NFL starts under his belt, but none with San Francisco and probably isn’t going to be as effective as Foster would be in the role. If it’s a serious injury for the rookie, it’s a blow to a 49ers team that can’t afford many.

The NFL is pushing for more ethnic diversity in team management, which works against some GMs being re-hired. Only five teams have top personnel decision-makers who are black in a league in which roster composition is more than 70 percent African-American.

Polian said former GMs are included on the list of candidates compiled for teams each year by the NFL’s Advisory Board. Yet none of the league’s current second-chance GMs were hired via that route.nike_steelers_2063