Houston will need to find assets from somewhere else to sweeten an Anderson deal and make his contract digestible for the receiving team. The best it can offer is a 2020 first-round pick, and that won’t likely be enough.

Limited Womens Pernell McPhee Jersey Trading Anderson isn’t the only way to acquire Anthony, but the alternative would likely mean losing Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza, who the Rockets need to compete next season. (Houston has a collection of non-guaranteed contracts to include in a trade as well, but they add up to less than $10 million.)

Thus, Houston is backed into a tight corner here, relying on other teams to come through with the draft picks and young assets necessary to convince everyone involved.

The Phoenix Suns appear to be a team that would make sense. Since pulling out of a Paul Millsap offer, it’s obvious they’re in rebuild mode, and Woj has reported their interest in a salary dump for picks.

Youth Xavier Grimble Jersey The claim that Leonard is simply a good player is far beyond an antiquated take. He’s a Finals MVP, two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, two-time All-Star, and was one of the lead vote-getters for MVP award last season. That’s way better than good — that’s great.

Hardaway knows that. But he wasn’t talking about basketball when he made that statement. He was talking about something else, and he does have a point.

Leonard is one of the best four or five players in the league in any given year and will be a fixture the league’s MVP conversation for the foreseeable future. But in the world of public opinion, he’s still not marketed as one of the NBA’s faces. That’s by design, but it’s also what Hardaway was getting at.