One priority for Turner this fall will be watching the University of Michigan now that his son Scott was hired as an offensive analyst. Turner has already come away impressed with head coach Jim Harbaugh’s program after attending two practices and Michigan’s spring game in April.

People give Harbaugh a hard time (because) he’s out there a little bit with the Twitter and some other things, but I was really impressed with their staff and the way they coach and practice, Turner said. Jim is an old-school guy when it comes to football.

Derrick Johnson Mens Jersey So is Turner, which is why spending a year away from the sideline will be an adjustment.

I’m looking forward to football season as a fan or spectator, he said. But there will always be that coaching part of it in me.

It was a Saturday afternoon. My dad and I left Charlotte, N.C., at 5:30 a.m. with a church group for a Father’s Day weekend outing to watch the Braves host the Reds in Atlanta. To that point, I’d been a casual baseball fan. I enjoyed playing the game, but I didn’t really watch it. My knowledge of players came mostly from collecting baseball cards, which I started doing in 1986 because my mom wouldn’t let me buy Garbage Pail Kids. I was excited to see some of those cardboard images in the flesh: Dale Murphy, Dion James, Pete Rose, Kal Daniels.

Claude Giroux Mens Jersey There were some recent whispers that the Clippers would move Jordan in an effort to upgrade the roster with smaller pieces, but such a move would probably kick them off this list. This was one of the best big threes in the league with Paul around, but it’s possible that it will be a big zero if Griffin’s health betrays him again and Jordan is moved.