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The Astros are running away with the AL West, so expect to hear a lot more about that magazine cover story that predicted big success for the franchise in 2017.

Now that the prediction (or at least the cover) has a real shot at being right, the question is whether this year’s success has flowed directly from the ideas that were laid out in the story.

It would be silly to believe the 76ers can’t win 10-12 more games with those players on the court, and in Fultz’s introductory news conference Friday afternoon he was the first one to say (via ESPN.com) that he fully believes the Sixers can make it to the postseason: I am serious when I say that. That is not just me talking because I am a player. I really think that we can be a [playoff team].

And when you add facts like Jimmy Butler moving on to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Indiana Pacers possibly trading Paul George, the East is losing top players rather than gaining them.

That’s why Fultz’s teammate Joel Embiid is fully on board with Fultz’s opinion, as outlandish as it may be for a team that has won 75 games in its last four full seasons combined.

Joel will come out and [say] something similar, Sixers head coach Brett Brown said. How can you not respect it? … You want them feeling like that.
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And you circle back, if it’s delivered, you got to own it, you got to practice like that, you got to act like that, you got to be that. It is not just words. So I think it is perhaps ammunition at times to remind them of statements and to help them achieve their in-game goal.