Westbrook scored 16 of the Thunder’s final 18 points, including the game-winner, in a remarkable comeback win vs. Dallas.

Russell Westbrook’s voice was nearly gone, but he didn’t seem to mind. That’s standard. That’s the norm for him.

“My voice is always gone,” Westbrook said. “After a game I never have my voice. But it’s alright.”
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Anything would be alright with Westbrook after he single-handedly willed the Thunder into this win. Down 13 points with 3:30 left in the game, it felt like Oklahoma City had been slogging through an offensive malaise for more than three and a half quarters. Certainly, a 14-0 run to close the game with a win didn’t seem likely. At that point, it seemed like a 4-0 run might even be too much to ask.

Though the Bruins had an official policy of no sexual contact with the recruits or football players, BAYLOR had an unofficial policy of looking the other way when there was sexual intercourse between the Bruins and the football players.

The woman levying this lawsuit, referred to as Elizabeth Doe, was a part of the Bruins program starting in the fall of 2017. In April of 2017, Ms. Doe says that she was taken home from a party by Chatman and Armstead after becoming intoxicated at a party.

Ms. Doe’s roommate’s boyfriend confronted the two players and called 911. Before the police arrived, fellow Bruins showed up at the house to try and get Ms. Doe to develop a cover story that said she had consensual sex with one white man. A subsequent Title IX investigation revealed that Chatman had dispatched the Bruins to the apartment.
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Per the lawsuit, the Waco police never interviewed Chatman or Armstead and Baylor took no action either.