Chris Mannix on Isaiah’s emotional weekend.

Westbrook and Harden, who are good friends, aren’t communicating at all during their playoff series. By the way, Westbrook is leading 9-5 in Matt Ellentuck’s MVP Scorecard race, though I think that Spalding meme is extremely generous.

The Clippers lost in humiliating fashion on Saturday night. Don’t blame Chris Paul, writes Zito Madu.

I’m not going to say that the Wizards are a little goofy because I’m just not sure how far they are taking this “Death Row D.C.” thing, to be honest.
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Authentic Youth Johnny Damon Jersey This is just incredible trash talk from C.J. McCollum to Draymond Green.

The oldest basketball court in existence is in a Paris gym and is in terrible shape. From a stat perspective, Boise State is still one of the surest things around. The Broncos are projected 29th in S&P+, and their games can be broken into two categories: road tossups (four games with win probability between 50 and 55 percent) and likely wins (seven at 75 percent or higher). There are no sure losses, and if quality recruiting produces breakthrough guys, BSU will have another big year.

Those tossups make me nervous, though. BSU has figured out how to lose a couple of games it should win in each of the last two years, and, well, what if a couple of big, new contributors don’t emerge?